Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Berzerk (Released version)

Evil Otto is about to pounce.
So, Berzerk is complete and ready to run, and the github is up to date  (see the right).

I will add the 'write up' later on today (hopefully).

I have decided, as an aside, to do a Match-3 game next, as its a bit different, and added a couple of other games and sorted it a bit.

So the list is now.
  1. Squash (done)
  2. Pong (done)
  3. Breakout (done)
  4. Galaxians (done, no title screen)
  5. Asteroids (done)
  6. Jet Pac (done)
  7. Frogger (done)
  8. PacMan (done).
  9. Berzerk (done)
  10. Match 3 Game
  11. Centipede - yet another with a very odd movement behaviour.
  12. Robotron - another classic, a demented single screen shoot em up. 
  13. Some sort of RPG/Arcade simple game ; Atic Atac or that sort of thing.
  14. Defender - Robotron's "other half", with a scrolling screen.
  15. Lode Runner (once implemented this on a TI-83 calculator)

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