Friday, 3 July 2015

Match 3 continued ....

Actually doesn't look that different to yesterday but it's advanced quite a lot. The dropping code now has 'removal code' added (this has a state machine) and most of the dragging code added. To complete the game core all I really need is to do is to check the drop position is legal, swap them over, check that that creates a match, and undo it if it doesn't.

Scoring etc. can then be added, but that's not too difficult.

Ended up not using the drag and drop behaviour for this. The problem is that the collision box for the items is narrower than you might think, if not they get stuck coming down .... and it uses the same collision box for DnD. So there is an own-version of the DnD.

Also created an object whose purpose is to move one object to another position and then self destruct - a bit like Fade with moving. I might (not sure) be able to generalise this so it can move anything, at the moment it's just Item-class only, but this might require some tinkering. Not sure :)

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