Saturday, 11 July 2015

Retrochallenge 2015 Summer : Pet Dungeon

For various reasons, not excluding broadband problems and holidays, my Retrochallenge 2015 for Summer (to reverse engineer the code of the original Simon toy from 1974) will have to be delayed. It's about 40% done (reversing TMS1100 code is interesting to put it mildly) but I won't complete it in time. Not only is it the missus birthday this week, but it's my mum's as well, and we're going on holiday after that....

In its place, as a one week one shot, and because it fits my list - sort of, I'm going to convert this game to Construct 2.

It's one of the earliest semi commercial "RPG" type games, called just "Dungeon". It was sold as part of a tape based magazine called "Cursor" and precedes things like "Temple of Apshai". (I am actually old enough to have owned a Pet 2001 with the chicklet keys. Anyone who thinks game coding on C2 is hard should try that , or the machine I started on which is the same as the Science of Cambridge MK14 ....)

You can read more about it here, an excellent blog written by a total loony nice chap who wants to play every CRPG ever made. I'm not sure if this is possible ....

I will try and improve the graphics a little bit.

It will be quite an interesting exercise because like almost all code written in the 1970s, it is not event driven, but procedural.

This will have its own github as it is sort of seperate from the rest of the games.

Once I've done this, then I will move onto Robotron 2084 (Wahey !) and Defender (even better !), but I'm visiting Germany for a week with the extended family in about a week, so that will be into August.

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