Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Game#12 : Dungeon completed

Game 12, the PET Dungeon remake, is complete and can be played here.

I have also added a link to its github (it isn't in the one with everything else) this also contains the original source code reverse engineered.

You can see it here. Truth be told, I'm not totally happy with this one. It's event driven, and in the original BASIC code there's quite a lot of "Print this" (wait) "Print that" (wait), a sequence of messages.

I've done this with a queue of messages, but they easily get behind the "action", I'm not really happy with the way this synchronises. I would probably use a state machine to lock all this stuff out if I was doing it for real. I could probably have made more use of WAIT as well, I think,

I will put the write up tomorrow - probably. Next thing will be something even more different, not actually a game at all. Just a quickie before I go on holiday, I don't want to leave Robotron half done.

It's one of these :

Most people, even those into retrocomputing, won't know what this is. It's a German machine, known as the "WDR-1", and it is the only "home micro" commercially available based on the MC14500B Microprocessor.

This is an interesting chip. It's only a one bit microprocessor, and it has no real branching and jumping instructions.

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