Saturday, 18 July 2015

Off on Holiday (again)

Eifel National Park near Heimbach, Germany
I'm off to Germany tomorrow for a week, so I probably won't do the write up for Jawbreaker before I go.

When I get back I'll do that and then finish off my list which is (probably) Robotron, Defender, Lode Runner and (maybe) Tempest. Also thinking of porting Richard Garriott's Akalabeth (aka "Ultima 0") to C2 (I have already ported this to "C")

Then maybe some proper work :) This is just practice for a project, which is itself a rewrite of something I did on an Acorn Archimedes a few years ago.

Fortunately for the sanity of the world, it isn't my 3D signing robot for Special Needs that both sang, and signed "When Goldilocks went to the House of the Bears".

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