Friday, 17 July 2015

App#1 : MC14500 Board Released

It can be "played" here. It's a reasonably faithful mimic of the original, though the Input and Output have been changed - on the original they ware just headers, but I've put switches in and LEDs to display the input and output. Also Pin 15 of Input is permanently connected to the Result Register pin (the 14500 Accumulator) and Pins 8-14 are routed from the output latch so they can be used as 7 bits of data storage.

An emulator in C2 is perfectly feasible, but for anything significant probably needs to be written in pure Javascript. The tilemap would be very good for old fashioned memory mapped screens, but wouldn't be much use for a pixel graphic one.

Note that the source is available in a different github, see the links bar.

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