Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Berzerk (continued)

Berzerk has made some progress. The main outstanding bit is the robot move and fire, and the "Evil Otto" code (this is a kind of bouncing head that chases you if you don't move quick enough), and the title screen.

I really botched the design of this in places. There is a family "gameObjects" and I really should have had the robots and Otto in one family, it would make things simpler. Still it is supposed to be a learning experience.

One of the advantages of doing something like this is you have to stick to a particular model, you can't just change it to make things simpler. One of the disadvantages of C2 is that it makes certain games very very easy, and the temptation is always to head in that sort of direction.

Fortunately its a fairly simple game. I'm not sure actually why I put it on the list, next up is Robotron which is much more complicated.

Hope to finish it tomorrow and then start thinking about designing Robotron.

I've also considered that it might be an idea to do some different times of game - a Match 3 game, maybe, or some sort of basic dungeon room type RPG (a bit like the old Speccy game Atic Atac). Or maybe Pet Dungeon, I reverse engineered this but lost the code to meddling too much with Github.

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