Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Game # 14: Robotron

Robotron is a classic. It's the original "totally demented shoot em up".

As you can see, I only currently have the player shooting, grunts (not doing much) and the humans (which you collect for points). If you haven't played Robotron, it looks like this but with about ten times as much going on.

This looks like it's going to family centric, already I have six different families.

One change to the original. The original has dual controllers, one controls where you fire, one controls where you move. I have nicked Jeff "Llamasoft" Minter's idea for his remake "Llamatron" whereby the player automatically fires, and the fire key locks the shooting direction, so you can fire (say) to the left while moving right.

It will be an interesting test of the speed of Construct 2, if I can find a workable control system for a touch screen. When Robotron is going flat out it makes Defender without the planet look like Space Invaders on slow mode.

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