Monday, 15 June 2015

Pacman (continued)

Progress on Pacman, I have implemented the moving and AI code. This is, tbh, more programming than Construct 2 ; the moving is handled by an event that acts on a family, and indirect functions (calls where the function is a variable not a constant) are used to get movement stuff and update animation. It's pretty much the same as subclassing a family. Sort of.

Also used Pathfinders for the first time. When Ghosts are eaten (you can't do this yet, everything just moves around) they turn into Eyes and return to the home base. This is done using Pathfinding behaviour.

A lot of the code is written now. The Ghosts especially behave like objects - they have a state (whether they are being chased or not) and operate fairly independently by changing their instance variables. I will probably have a controller object in this game that handles all the sequencing and so on, rather than have it implicit as part of Construct 2's event system.

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