Friday, 29 May 2015

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I am about to start learning to develop in Construct 2 for a project I am working on.  I'm a great believer in learning by doing, so I'm going to do it by writing a series of games and learning as I go, so to speak.

I thought I'd document what I was doing as I went along, and also provide uploads so that anyone who wants to can borrow or learn from what I've learnt. I won't go through it step by step but I will endeavour to comment the code reasonably and to explain things done in an unusual way, or how I solved (hopefully) difficult problems and challenges.

The cunning plan (I always have a plan) is something like as follows.

  1. Squash - a classic "bat and ball against the wall" solo game. 
  2. Pong - a proper one. I've decided to base mine on a chip called the MM57100 which had colour so I can mess with the colour effects, and so I've got a definitive target rather than just producing "a Pong Game" - reproduce *that* pong game. I think it's a good idea when developing to aim at something specific rather than an aimless idea.
  3. Breakout - a bit vague again.
  4. Galaxians - like most of this list from the 1980s. It's a shooting game a bit like Space Invaders but in colour and the aliens swoop down.
  5. Asteroids - the vector classic
  6. Jet Pac - a Sinclair Spectrum game, a sort of collect - em -up.
  7. Frogger - another arcade classic
  8. PacMan - 35 years old recently.
  9. Berzerk - a multi room game if you don't know it, you go from room to room chasing robots. A very early proto multi room RPG sort of with no R :)
  10. Robotron - another classic, a demented single screen shoot em up. 
  11. Centipede - yet another with a very odd movement behaviour.
  12. Defender - Robotron's twin, with a scrolling screen.
  13. Pitfall , who doesn't love this classic :)
  14. Lode Runner or Space Panic (games where you run about a screen of ladders digging holes)
This list is always subject to revision, of course. Some of it may not be possible at all, immediate concerns are Defender's scanner and Centipede's "wiggling down the screen" movement. Some of it I might decide is too easy, or I might just get side tracked onto doing something else.

After that I'll probably look at some other game types. Looking at C2 itself, some things are fairly easy, for example you can do a platformer and so on fairly easily, might look at a Secret of Mana type RPG as well, maybe. It's more interesting from a learning point of view to mimic the mechanics of something specific that produce something that C2 is pretty much designed for, I think anyway. Plus I'm old :)

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