Friday, 29 May 2015

Game #1 : Squash

A very gentle introduction and only five events here, didn't take very long at all.

As you can imagine, this uses the physics engine to play the game and the 8 direction (reduced to two) to move the bat.

Only real problem I had was figuring out how to reset gravity. Physics has a default gravity of 10, which of course makes the game rather odd.

I also figured out how to draw the sprite fonts. I've got a Python script which I've used to generate different bitmap fonts before (the .FNT format) so I can probably hack that to produce bitmap fonts for Construct 2.

This was just a warm up, there was no specification or anything to work with. The next game is a proper Pong game.

This is what I plan to do ; it's based on an MM57100 chip. (See David Winter's excellent but very geeky Pong site)

This was the first colour chip, but it was only used in a couple of consoles.

Most people of a certain age will remember the Pong Consoles boom that followed the release of the AY-3-8500 GI Chip, they were everywhere for a short while, and almost everyone had one. This machine had colour, but by then people were looking at more complex chip games.

Anyway, I did promise to upload it so here it is.

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