Saturday, 30 May 2015

Game # 2 : MM57100 Pong

Game number 2 is a bit more advanced, not a lot but a bit. It's a simulation of this game here - an early colour Pong. (Thanks to David Winter for this pic. If you want to know anything about Pong up to the level of "completely sad geek" visit his Pong Story site, he's also French which is why it's a French box.)

Quite simple by modern standards, with anaemic colours thanks to "Never Twice the Same Colour" standards, I would think, which tends to make TV games look like someone's sprayed mud on your set.

The real thing looks like this

It's again relatively straight forward, I've sussed timers and effects, a fair chunk of the code is setting colours of various objects and also I've used the Sine behaviour for the Hockey forwards which move independently.

The only really complicated bit, and it's not that complicated, is I don't use Physics to bounce the ball off the paddle, because it doesn't work like that, the bounce angle is derived from where it hits the paddle. So that's what event 10 is doing.

An oddity is around 14,15 and 16 where I'm testing collisions against walls to make a bong noise when it hits them. My initial thought was that you'd have an OR thing here, but it doesn't seem to work, a condition seems to want only one collision.

The CapX here

Next game is Breakout. This will be the second (and last) of "make it up as you go along", i.e. not working to either a specification, or an original. This isn't perfect - things aren't quite the right sizes and colours, and the tennis bats should be in more, but it's only a little game so it doesn't really matter much.

I'm thinking of adding Tempest to the list. I actually think it can be done.  I had this trick for a system that didn't draw lines, where you had a line graphic and rotated and scaled it to make it an arbitrary line, I think it will be possible to hack this to work.  Though perhaps not to this extent below. But basically :) I'm also not sure if there's a huge amount of point doing Space Invaders if I've already done Galaxians.

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