Sunday, 31 May 2015

Game #3 : Breakout (and a preview)

Game number three is also quite uninteresting. It's probably less interesting than the previous game to be honest, and I didn't really learn anything very much from doing it.

I'm off for a couple of days, so to make things interesting for my readers (note the optimism in the plural) I've also uploaded the nearly finished Game number 4, Galaxians, a screenshot of which will be on this page somewhere dependent on the vagaries of HTML.

I am quite pleased with this one and it does have some interesting features and one huge cop out that I will write about when I get back. Not now, it's a bit late. I've been out all day.

There's also a bug in it which I have only just realised, which isn't terribly terrible but I must fix. I might do this tomorrow sometime, depends :)

A free Opal Fruit to anyone who spots the bug. Two to anyone who diagnoses why it behaves like that.

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