Friday, 7 August 2015

Game#14 : Robotron - completed

Robotron is complete, and it can be played here,

I will do the "write up" tomorrow, probably.

Game#15 will be my entry for the Underground Jam competition at Scirra, so I won't publish anything regarding that until the competition is over.

I already have an interesting idea for this game, bit different from the obvious platforms in caves type thing, so we will see....... maybe I'll win the Spade Handle ?


  1. Hi Paul, excellent to see you having a go at Robotron now that the original is not available any longer. But please, can you make the shoot and run functions quite separate, ie have different key sets for each control? That's how the original arcade game played and it is WAY better that way, indeed it's what made Robotron the great game that it was. Not sure if you've read up on the development of the game by Eugene Jarvis, wiki tells it quite well. Keep up the good work though, look forward to seeing a finished game

  2. This is so great! Thanks for doing this. I love Robotron. It's one of the best.